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I am not good at this Replica Celine Bags, but I am going to give it a try… Imagine you are thinking about someone you love. This can be your partner or perhaps your best friend. (just like Ted John). To show the other person your love, you want to give something that not only last forever, but also reminds them of the relationship. And if the gift is also a stylish and from a famous brand. That is a big bonus.

Super cute and too gorgeous. The Prounza Schouler metal key ring is what you are looking for. It’s a set of two key chains that can be separated or put together. Om my gosh, I adore it!

Replica Celine Bags

If it’s a gift from a girl to a girl, pick the hot pink.

A gift from a girlfriend to boyfriend or the other way around, again pick the hot pink.

A gift from a boy to a boy? The Brass/Palladium would do the trick.

You know what’s the best? Proenza Schouler has engraved both pieces with their logo on it. Price? Fair enough!

Meet the cutest Airpods Pro Cases by They’re funny, pretty and so useful too. Say hello to the cat, dog and cow, which animal is your favorite?

Each Airpods Pro Case is made with an unique animal face. They’re all cut as the left eye is designed with the Monogram Flower.

Hold your Airpods Pro inside these little flap pouches, you deserve it. And without taking the Airpods Pro out, you can charge directly from the opening in the bottom. The Case also comes with LV initials engraved on the snap hook. Hook this Airpods Case on your belt or larger bag.

Besides the animal face on the front, the body of these cases are made with Monogram Canvas.